Do or Do Not

I’ll admit it–I’m a total nerd! But I really can’t put it any better than Yoda. His simple words of wisdom comes back to this weekend’s contemplation of the beginner’s mind as he instructs his apprentice, “You must unlearn what you have learned.”

Often times we TRY to get things done. We try to get to housework after a hectic day at the office, we try to make more time for our friends, we try to complete goals we set for ourselves. Well, let’s just say enough with the trying and get to the doing!

Make time each and every day for yourself. Period. Rest today’s contemplation on how you can squeeze in 5 minutes of pure bliss just for you in the middle of your workday. Whether it is a stop at the vending machine to just sit and indulge the senses on your favorite treat, leaving your phone at home so you can drive to the store for a gallon of milk in peace or setting aside time to create an altar in your home. Whatever you decide, just do it and may the force be with you!

All My Love and Support in your Journey,


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