Lovin’ that H2O

Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water. – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Over the past cooler months, we’ve seen good habits taking shape and others which still may need work. As the weather calls for fun and relaxation in the sun’s rays, we find it challenging to continue into our practice and workout routine. As Happy Hour calls us to afternoon drinks on the patio of a favorite local watering hole, we sometimes find dehydration setting in. Warmer months allow us to have a natural response to carefree ways but sometimes that means we forget to grab that water bottle for time spent in the sun. This time of year I’m reminded of the giver of life: WATER.
How much water are you drinking? In the colder months we often times forget how vital it is to keep bringing in those fluids to nourish the body. In the sunny months, we may each for something else. Often times we wait until we are thirsty to reach for that water bottle . This is too late! You’ve already sent your body into a reactionary state of dehydration. If you feel thirsty often, this is a sign of chronic dehydration which isn’t going to help you reach those goals, whether it is to get more flexible, lose weight or de-stress.
Below are ten very cool facts about why you should drink more water. So, let’s all raise that water bottle we all carry around (hint – if you don’t carry a bottle of water with you everywhere, start that healthy habit today) and toast our healthy habits of hydration.
1. Your blood is over 80 percent water and needs water to make healthy new blood cells.
2. Your bones are over 50 percent water and, you guessed it, need water to make healthy new bone cells.
3. Drinking more water actually helps lessen pain in your body by getting your lymphatic system moving. The lymphatic system     is a network of nodes, tubes, vessels, and fluid that move waste out of your tissues. It requires water to function properly.
4. Water helps to eliminate wastes and toxins from your body through the lymphatic system, kidneys, and intestines.
5. Water lubricates your joints, helps reduce joint pain and protect against wear and tear.
6. Water regulates your metabolism so if you’re overweight chances are you may need more water.
7. Water balances body temperature.
8. Water helps to ensure adequate electrical functioning so your brain and nervous system function properly. Your brain and            nervous system send out electrical signals to function properly. Researchers estimate that your brain gives off about the same      amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb. So, there’s some truth to the image of a light bulb going on when someone has a      good idea.
9. Water alleviates dehydration.
10. Every cell and organ in your body requires adequate water to function properly.

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