Teacher(s) Of The Month

It was just too hard to pick one so we picked two of your favorites! Emily Moore & Jen “Hurricane” Nordhem. Come to any class taught by the Teacher(s) of the Month and pay just an $8* DROP-IN RATE!

Jen “Hurricane” Nordhem

TEACHES: Cycling

Mondays “Metal Mondays” 5:45 PM

Wednesdays Beginner Cycling 5:45 PM

See the schedule to reserve your bike today! Jen’s classes always fill up quickly! You can also download her latest kick ass mix tape “SUMMERTIME IN THE SADDLE”! Awesome way to get your ride on this summer. Thanks Jen!

Jen “Hurricane” Nordhem hails from the city of Chicago, bringing thunderous energy to Breathe. She has cycled professionally for four years as a courier in Chicaco and Denver. She is an experienced champion racer and is very active in the urban cycling community.

Emily Moore

TEACHES: emPower Yoga

Mondays 7:15 PM

Thursdays 7:15 PM

Saturdays 12:30 PM

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Arm Balance & Inversions on June 4th at Studio Shakta, in partnership with Studio Shakta. See “Workshops” on the schedule for more details.

Emily’s yoga journey started about 3 years ago after a long mental and physical struggle. She tried yoga as just another way to exercise and found that the practice saved her life. She strives to create a personal connection with Earth through her practice.


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