Finding Grace

Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.” – William Hazlitt

Often times in my classes I’ll ask my students to find grace between the asanas. That simple step from back to front of the mat. That quiet breath that takes you from your lunge into Warrior I. Even that last bit of energy you expend as you pull one more pedal stroke to get to the top of our climb on the bike. It is because your yoga practice isn’t made up of each asana individually, but of all you do on AND OFF your mat. Today I ask you to be bold and step into the full evolution of grace, filled with revolution in your life! This is no simple task but I expect each and every one of you to STEP IT UP and SHINE! Why? Because you CAN and you WILL!!!!

I believe in the power of positive thought–by harmonizing with the soul the body becomes that outward expression of grace we search for day in and day out. In a blog in March I asked you to contemplate how a commitment to yoga could be used to affect your life physically, mentally and emotionally. What did you want to accomplish and how did you plan to do it? Are you still on the path? It is now time to check in with how you answered yourself and re-ask the same questions. Have you seen/felt a change? If so, how? If not, why? 

Finding Grace isn’t always easy. If it weren’t so elusive, don’t you think everyone would live by it? Each and every day you have an opportunity to find it. It presents itself in tough situations, last-minute changes and those moments when it would be so much easier to just quit than face what lays ahead.  I recently watched Evan Almighty with my daughter. There was a scene that stuck out for me and I want to leave you with that today for your contemplation.


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