I’m just titling this one PEGGY DYER

You are stronger than you think you are. – Peggy Dyer (Breathe’s very own cycling coach & inspirer)

Let me start this blog on a tangent that may be more relevant than my original blog thoughts by telling you about someone. Her name is Peggy Dyer and this woman is FABULOUS! Peggy wandered into my life at one of my darkest moments. This stranger, as she was at the time, called me on the phone and I had to choke back tears to put on my “professional” voice. She explained who she was and how she had heard from a mutual friend I was having a bad day and wanted me to know that she was thinking about me. Yes, that is really how Peggy and I met!

Peggy has a big voice over the phone so I don’t know why I was surprised to see she was a big woman when we met face to face. She did explain she didn’t “look like a cycling coach” but that didn’t matter since her classes were awesome. I was excited about her positive attitude and vibrant energy and I thought, what the heck, another cycling coach with a new perspective will be good for the studio and so we threw her on the schedule. Peggy’s classes were slow to build but once people went to her classes, they were hooked. I get email after email about this woman’s ability to change people’s lives, all from the saddle of a bike.

Not only is Peggy inspiring as a coach, but her students have watched 50 pounds melt off of her and it has given them reason to stick with their ride. I received one comment from a student that explained she didn’t like summer because she wasn’t comfortable wearing anything that showed her arms or legs because she was overweight, but now she beams from across the room in spandex, YES SPANDEX, bike shorts and couldn’t be happier with her body! You wanna know why? Because Peggy told her she was strong. So much stronger than she ever knew. Peggy has created a support group of wonderful people without even knowing it. So, I wanted to just share her wisdom with you so she could touch your life, as she has touched mine and so many others.

Shameless promotion: If you wanna check out her class this month, Pegs is our Teacher of the Month so you can drop-in for only $8!!!

So, on with the blog…

Several months ago I overheard the end of Peggy’s cycling class when she told her students “You are stronger than you think you are.” I stopped dead in my tracks. She was right! We all limit ourselves because we just don’t think we can do what we set out to. After marinating on this wisdom for a few days I felt compelled to put it to the test…off the mat and bike.

I have a weakness for shoes. A serious weakness. I was going to attempt to put Pegs’ words to the test and go into my favorite shoe store, only to window shop. I had never done this before. I just simply didn’t go if I didn’t have money to spend and would even find my way in there even when I didn’t. So, after my regular wander around the store in a clock-wise direction, I found myself growing roots at the clearance section. Well, surely, I didn’t mean these shoes were off limits–THEY ARE HALF PRICE! AND MY SIZE! I tried them on. Perfect. They even went with the clothes I was wearing and that was a sign, wasn’t it?

NO!!!! It wasn’t! I heard Peggy’s words creep into my thoughts, even though I tried vigorously to ignore her. But she was right. I am stronger than I think I am. I didn’t need the shoes. I could walk away and find strength in my decision to NOT purchase them. I went into the store a week later with the intent to purchase the shoes and tried them on again. They were no longer calling to me. I searched the store frantically to find something else to carry home but nothing screamed, “Take me with you!” I learned to take a step back and realize that I really was stronger than my desire for new shoes.

Now this seems like a silly little story to relate to working out or getting into your practice. But really, it’s the little things we need to find strength in; use mind over matter and we can move mountains. Whether you are grunting to make it through that last sprint on the bike, or need to take just one more breath on your mat to hold that glorious pose, find comfort in the strength you didn’t even know was there. Because you know what? It is….

Today’s contemplation will seem more like an interview question. It is one I ask of all my teacher trainees, one I learned to answer in a marketing class. What are your greatest strengths? How do you embody these strengths?

Allow the mantra to unfold in the mind’s eye with the inhale “I am” and the exhale “so strong.”


One Response to “I’m just titling this one PEGGY DYER”

  1. dadirri7 Says:

    this is a wonderful story, and i love peggy!!!! thank you so much, we all need reminding often that we can do it, we can be the way we want to be, we are strong!

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