A journey to serendipi-TEA!!

With a slightly more than discerning palate and a very discriminatory digestive system, it is often difficult for me to get excited about drinking anything. Alas, with the inevitable aging process and the chronic intestinal issues I’ve had since birth, things like taste and and satisfaction don’t seem nearly as important as maintaining the ability to stand up without doubling over for a whole day. I can’t have dairy. Coffee is a grotesque misadventure just waiting to happen so it’s always herbal or iced tea for me…I used to love wine, but then it got all particular on me. Beer, well, I love beer, but beer does not love me back. All these restrictions can make the weekend a little difficult for one who doesn’t mind the occasional adult beverage. Being the one to which I’m referring to, I have been forced to get creative. So came a signature cocktail, designed by and named after my self. As much as I feel I have combatted the singular problem of finding a drink that didn’t kick me back, there is one slight problem with the “Marianne”…it’s all I have…and maybe I get bored sometimes. HOWEVER, I was recently approached about some new kind of cocktails…some made with Element Tea. I instantly was intrigued…could it be? A serendipitous union, of mutually digestively-kind liquids, to tantalize my variety deprived taste buds and that won’t make me feel completely incapacitated the next day?! It could be and would be, Element Tea to my rescue apparently. We have included some of Element’s amazing tea-based cocktail recipes below:

Ele-MINT Mojito
5 oz Mojito Rooibos
2 oz Club Soda
1 oz Rum
1/2 Squeezed Lime
1 tbsp sugar

Use 2 teaspoons of Mojito Rooibos Tea per 8 oz cocktail glass. Brew tea with boiling water for 5 minutes. Pour over ice to chill, add club soda, sugar, and rum, and top off with lime.

Slim Belt Whiskey:
7 oz Deluxe Iced Tea
1 oz Whiskey

Use 2 teaspoons of Deluxe Iced Tea per 8 oz cocktail glass. Brew tea with boiling water for 4 minutes. Pour over ice to chill and add whiskey.

Strawberry-Kiwi Infusion Tea Cocktail
5 oz Strawberry-Kiwi Tea
2 oz Sprite
1 oz Vodka
Halved strawberries and Kiwis (optional)

Use 2 teaspoons of Strawberry-Kiwi Tea per 8 oz cocktail glass. Brew tea with boiling water for 5-8 minutes. Pour over ice to chill, add Sprite and vodka, and top off with strawberries and kiwis.

These yummy concoctions will be served up here this Friday at our CRAVE Denver Event! Perfect for all you adult beverage lovers and/or connoisseurs of tea…we invite you to swing by and taste one of their delicious beverages and maybe try a round of Dance Dance Revolution!! Hope to see you there!

-Marianne Mullis


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